American Business school

American Business School of Paris was established in the year 1985 and is a part of the IGS group. The features that make us distinguished from others is our courses are designed in English language. Additionally, we have enrolled more than 70% of international students with 80+ nationalities. We offer 500+ internship and placements. The programs available are:
  1. MBA-2 years
  2. MBA- 1 year
  3. BBA (Four Years)
  4. Bachelor in Fashion & Luxury (3 Years, dual degree: French and American)
  5. DBA (3 years)
  6. Master of Science – 2 Years
  7. Master of Science – 1 Year
  8. Bachelor of Sports Management

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
4 Years (Dual Degree+ French Masters)  

We have brought great opportunities to the students looking to have Dual Degree. The courses are designed by adapting the most recent approaches and methodologies. We know, mere theoretical concepts are not enough and hence we have incorporated real-life driven concepts in order to strengthen the mind.

  • International Business
  • International Marketing
  • International Finance
  • Business & Golf Academy

Tuition Fee per year: 9990 €

Bachelor in Fashion & Luxury: 3 Years (Dual Degree)  
Tuition Fee per year: 9990  €

Bachelor of Sports Management: 3 Years (Dual Degree)  
Tuition Fee per year: 9990 €

Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA): 3 Years  
Tuition Fee: 12000 € Per Year

Unique Features of The American Business 
School of Paris:

  • The American Business School of Paris is part of IGS Group.
  • The School’s programs are accredited by the IACBE.
  • Programs are 100% taught in English and founded on American eduational methods: course flexibility & adaptability, interaction & exchange as well as strong student-professor relationships.
  • All the degrees are Dual Degrees: Accredited in USA and Recognized by French Government
  • Two Years Stay Back Option available for MBA & Master of Science programs
  • Business Tour to Ireland, as a part of program (2 Credits) for MBA2 program.

How to Apply

Specializations in our MBA programs

Note: Students applying for all our MBA programs need to have at least 2 years of professional experience.
Note: Students with 10+2+4 (4 years graduation) are eligible for One Year program

Out of the above programs, two are offered online:
1. MBA-Entrepreneurship and International Business Development
2. MBA-Communications and Project Management

The Fee Structure of the programs is as follows:

MBA 1st year                        MBA 2nd year (French degree)
Total= 10000 €                   Total = 15250 € (Dual Degree with Business Tour)

MBA Program 1 year
Dual degree with Ireland Business Tour
Total= 15250 €

Specializations Master of Science programs

Master of Science – 1 Year
Tuition Fee : 11000 Euros

Master of Science- 2 Years
1st Year : 10000 Euros
2nd Year : 11000 Euros  (14000 Euros for Logistics & Supply Chain )

Note: Students with/without any professional experience can apply to our Master of Science programs
Note: Students with 10+2+4 (4 years graduation) are eligible for One Year program